eXtreme .NET

eXtreme .NET shows developers and team leaders how to incorporate eXtreme Programming (XP) practices with .NET-connected technologies to create high-quality, low-cost code that will build better software. This practical, realistic guidebook systematically covers key elements of XP methodology in the specific context of the Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual Studio .NET, Visual C#, and related Microsoft .NET-enabled applications. Leading .NET and XP mentor Dr. Neil Roodyn covers planning, task definition, test-driven development, user interfaces, refactoring, spiking, pair programming, and much more. Dr. Neil offers field-proven advice for everything from automating builds to integrating third-party libraries. He also incorporates valuable exercises and presents a start-to-finish case study that shows exactly how XP and Microsoft .NET interoperate throughout an entire development project.

  • Where to start if you've never used XP or other Agile methods before
  • Pair programming: Turning .NET programming into a collaborative game
  • Test-Driven development: Making sure your .NET code works as intended while it's easiest to fix
  • Refactoring: Organizing your .NET code to improve flexibility and enable changes more readily
  • Continuous integration and automated build/test: Enhancing quality in distributed, component-based systems
  • Spiking: Using rapid experimentation to validate your expectations about behavior in the .NET Framework
  • The importance of customer input to successful projects
  • How to test .NET user interfaces and third-party libraries

The Microsoft .NET Framework is today's most productive development platform. XP represents a fundamental breakthrough in building higher-value software. Combine them: transform your team into an eXtreme .NET team that can accomplish more than ever before. This book will show you how—starting with your very next project.

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