Training Courses & Workshops

Here you will find a list of courses that have been popular in the last couple of years. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please get in touch as I have built up strong relationships with training organisations and freelance trainers all over the world and it is likely that I can help you to obtain the training you require.

Key Benefits

  • Plenty of hands on exercises
  • Games and other fun activities to help reinforce the knowledge
  • All courses provide a business driven focus to the technology

Training Courses

  • eXtreme .NET
    This 2 day course introduces attendees to some advanced programming techniques for rapid development of high quality code in Visual Studio .NET.
  • Developing Applications for the Tablet PC
    This two-day tutorial on Tablet PC development explores the new features presented to developers when building applications on the Tablet PC.
  • eXtreme Programming eXperiences
    This two-day seminar on XP examines the core XP methods and reviews of the experiences of different development teams.
  • Introduction To .NET For Developers
    This 2 day course will introduce attendees to the .NET Framework and explain its architecture and key services.
  • Exploring ADO.NET
    This two day course explains how to best exploit this Microsoft database conectivity technology. The course consists of 50% seminars and 50% hands on exercises where the delegate can gain real experience developing ADO.NET technology.
  • Exploring .NET Web Services
    A two day course which uncovers one of the key technologies introduced by Microsoft as part of the .NET distributed applications strategy. 50% of the course consists of hands on exercises where the delegate can gain real experience developing Web Service technology.
  • Implementing COM with ATL
    A 2 day course with over 50% hands on exercises designed to teach how ATL works and provide an understanding of how to best use it.


I run a variety of workshops on demand.

Team Play Workshop
With the ever increasing pace of change in the business environment, the importance of strong teams that have the ability to move with the changes without performance decrement is becoming more and more critical. This two day workshop is aimed at increasing awareness of team play behaviours.

If you are interested in this or other workshops please send me an email .


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