eXtreme Programming Experiences

 Aims and objectives

Extreme Programming (XP) is one of the most talked about development methodologies of the last few years. XP was conceived and developed in order to meet the needs of small software teams who are faced with ever changing business requirements. While XP challenges many conventional theories it is not totally new or unique.  XP draws on observations of what works well in software development projects and turns the volume up!

This two-day seminar on XP examines many of these well-known and documented ideas and explains how they fit into the XP methodology. The seminar also explores the reasons that some of the more popular tenets that have been sacrificed in XP.

The seminar consists of discussions of core XP methods and reviews of the experiences of two different development teams. The seminar assumes that the delegates are familiar with some other development methodologies and have experience of at least one software development project. An understanding of component based design and development would be advantageous.

The seminar covers the following topics:

1.       Planning for XP projects

2.       Identifying decisions made by business and those made by the project stakeholders

3.       Defining and prioritising user stories

4.       Testing in XP development projects

5.       Handling defects in the system

6.       Integration issues resolved by XP

7.       Pair Programming

8.       Iterative design and the mini milestone approach

9.       Always having a system ready to ship

10.   Working with customers

11.   Walk through real life scenarios

Who should attend?

This course is designed for developers, project managers, customers and anyone else who:

q       wishes to obtain an understanding of XP

q       needs to develop solutions which are fast to market and high quality

q       wants to gain an insight in how to best create happy customers of software development projects.