Team Play Workshop

with Dr. Neil Roodyn & Kristen Kosmala

Aims and objectives

With the ever increasing pace of change in the business environment, the importance of strong teams that have the ability to move with the changes without performance decrement is becoming more and more critical. This two day workshop is aimed at increasing awareness of team play behaviours.

The course facilitators have experience from very different environments and bring their experiences to bear on the quality of the workshop. Dr. Neil Roodyn has been involved in software development for 20 years.  In that time he has run five software companies and helped many development teams focus on the soft skills which add overall value to the product they produce. Kristen Kosmala is an Olympic class sailor who has been competing in team events for 10 years; she holds scholarships with both the Australian Institute of Sport and New South Wales Institute of Sport. Kristen brings important sports based team play lessons to the business workplace.

The workshop is based around discussions and games to reinforce the lessons presented. Delegates will spend more than half of the time participating in activities that allow them to gain some real experiences of team play and understand how the team can better solve problems, overcome obstacles and achieve outcomes in smaller timescales.

To get the most out of this course delegates should come with an open mind that things are not always as they may seem and that the logical answers do not always produce the best solutions.

The workshop covers the following topics:

1.       Introduction - What is a team anyway?

2.       Motivations, team and individual

3.       Team Attitudes

4.       Communicational aspects and personalities

5.       Personality clashes and solutions

6.       Negative Patterns in team play

7.      Positive Patterns in team play

8.       Building effective teams

9.       Team Management

10.   Extreme teams

Who should attend?

This course is best for:

q       team leaders and managers

q       teams that are struggling to get the best from themselves

q       teams that are looking to reach new heights of performance