Introduction To .NET For Developers

Aims and objectives

This 2 day course will introduce attendees to the .NET Framework and explain its architecture and key services.

Along with the new .NET Framework, language and server products, Microsoft® has released a greatly improved integrated development environment (IDE) Visual Studio .NET. This new IDE provides a powerful tool for the development of .NET based solutions and Windows applications.

This course explains how to best utilise the toolkit for maximising developer productivity. This includes discussion of the utilities that exist outside of the IDE along with an examination of the features available within Visual Studio .NET. Finally this course describes how to best use the tools available to carry out debugging tasks.

 Attendees should be familiar with developing applications in a modern programming language. An understanding of Object Oriented and/or Component Based programming would be

beneficial. Attendees are not assumed to have any previous experience with Microsoft based technologies, such as ADO, ASP, COM or Visual Studio.

The course covers the following topics:

1. .NET Architecture

2. Common Language infrastructure

3. Class Library Architecture

4. Assemblies and the Assembly Cache

5. Language support

6. Windows Forms



9. Web Services

10. .NET and COM Interoperability

11. Command Line Tools

12. The IDE

13. Debugging Programmes


Who should attend?

This course is designed for developers who:

q       wish to obtain an understanding of .NET

q       need to develop solutions using the .NET framework

q       want to gain an insight in how to best utilise the .NET framework to create the right solution