Three applications with source code to retrieve Australian weather forecasts on your Smartphone.

Dr. Neil's SMS Utils

Read and Send SMS Messages from your PC. Integrated SMS support from your PC to your Smartphone.

E-Book: Getting Started with Tablet PC Development

This book contains a series of hands on exercises to help you get started with developing applications that can take advantage of the Tablet PC features.


A VB.NET Tablet PC application that demonstrates using the InkEdit control. Source code is included in the download.
Click here to download MyNote.

Red the Book Worm

A client side application to consume web services from
Searches for books and provides access to your wish list and shopping basket.

Want to get Red the Book Worm to help you shop for books on Amazon?
Click here to download this program.

World Times

A simple .NET application I wrote recently to explore how time zone information works on Windows XP.

Do you fancy having clocks for different times around the world?
Click here to download this program.

Software Development is it a craft or engineering?

This presentation takes you through some ideas on the subject.
Software Development Craft vs. Engineering.pdf


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