Along with a strong background in programming and developing software, I have formed 5 of my own start-up companies, and helped others with company formation and business development in the technical and creative industry.

So whether you need some complex code solution developed or a better understanding of how your business can reach it's maximum potential, I can be of help to you.

Business Development

Having run 5 of my own software businesses and helped others with their business decisions, I have a wealth of experience in the software and creative industries which can be used to help you and your company reach it's goals.

Key Benefits

  • Strong technical understanding brought to help solve your business issues.
  • Focus on getting the best return for the stakeholders of the business
  • Holistic approach to business development, I am neither an accountant or a lawyer!


  • Goal Identification
    I will aid you to identify the goals of your business and then work out how to best reach those goals
  • Change Management
    Change is one of the hardest things for a business to do, I have been involved in many fundamental changes with various enterprises, and can help you deal with change in your business.
  • Team Play
    One of my strongest focal points with any business is how the team works together, I believe strong team play is the way to achieve greatness in a happy and successful company. I have a lot of experience in building and helping to form strong focussed teams.
If you are interested in Business Development please send me an email .

Software Development

With a strong focus on solutions for Microsoft platforms over the last 10 years, I can help with many aspects of the development process from architecture through to coding. My technical areas of specialization include n-tier architectures, databases, COM, COM+ and .NET.
Systems I have worked with have included real time systems, financial market data, online agents and graphics intensive solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Always value driven software development
  • Agile approach leads to fast and high quality results
  • Knowledge sharing with your own staff is considered a high priority


  • Increased productivity
    When I join your development team, I always focus on how to best meet the core objectives in the shortest time. I aim to infect other members, of the team I join, with best practices.
  • Reduced learning time
    The fastest way to learn is by doing, I will work other members of your development team to guide them through developing with technologies that are new to them.
  • Zero defect solutions
    Using best practices including test first coding and constant refactoring all code I write is aimed at producing a zero defect solution.
If you are interested in Software Development please send me an email .


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