Any team that wants to be a winning team needs to have a strong coach, this applies to software development teams as much as it does for sports teams. The coaches role is to motivate each member of the team to be a winner, along with ensuring the whole team is going to succeed. I can play the role of a coach within your team for a short period of time (up to 3 months) while I help to identify a full time coach for your team. I can also mentor an identified coach to lead your team to success.

Key Benefits

  • Motivate and create a strong team.
  • Identify people that won't make it and remove them from the team.
  • Achieve consistency of success within your team.


  • Conviction
    I never compromise my beliefs in order to obtain a short term win over long term success.
  • Constant Education
    I encourage an ongoing education program for the teams I have worked with, it is through learning that people better themselves.
  • Change Ready
    I embrace change and coach my team to be able to embrace change at any point in time and still be winners.
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